Our Philosophy

Burnside Primary School OSHC aims to provide a caring and safe environment where children are able to participate in planned experiences whilst developing socially, emotionally and intellectually. We expect children to respect people and property. Parents, staff and volunteers will be encouraged to participate in decision making.

The Child
We believe that children in our care:

  • are paramount to our work
  • have rights
  • learn through play and experimentation
  • are individually unique
  • are entitled to be secure and safe
  • achieve maximum learning potential in an envirnment which encourages self discipline, independence, self-esteem and curiosity.

The Environment
The environment our centre provides for our children, families, staff and visitors:

  • provides a safe an stimulating environment
  • is accepting of each child’s individual needs and backgrounds
  • values safety and health of all people
  • encourages parent contribution
  • is visually pleasing
  • supports inclusion of an access for children with additional needs
  • values individual expertise of and contribution by staff

The Program
Our OSHC programs:

  • respond to the individual interests and needs of children
  • reflect staff knowledge of child development
  • are accessible to parents
  • demonstrate respect for child diversity and inclusion of all children
  • offer a large variety of interesting and challenging experiences for children to choose from
  • encourage promotion of self-esteem
  • includes support people to facilitate participation of children with additional needs